About us

Spielzeug-Wiesen.de is the online store of Nadine Wiesen (Inhaberin) and was opened at the beginning of 2019.

Since 21.11.2023 we also offer "English" as an additional language in our store.

We have also been operating an eBay store for several years and can already refer to over 4,300 positive reviews. You are also welcome to visit our eBay store under the following link:


We have specialized exclusively in LEGO® products. The idea to found the company developed from a great passion for collecting LEGO® products of all themes. We are still passionate LEGO® collectors today and see ourselves as a niche seller mainly for LEGO® collectors and for LEGO® sets that are sold out in stores.

If you are looking for rare LEGO® sets or/and you are a LEGO® collector, then you are in good hands with us. We attach great importance to fully intact boxes / cartons and give with each item also the condition of the box. You can also request more pictures of the set by mail.

We place the highest value on our customer satisfaction and are constantly expanding our range, as well as with constantly changing promotions and offers to provide you with an attractive buying experience.

Satisfaction is very important to us, so please do not hesitate - to contact us (contact details - Legal notice).

Many greetings from the Saarland and a pleasant purchase wishes you

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